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with Trost Digital Strategies

Trost Digital Strategies

You Need An Online Strategy

Entering the digital marketplace is essential for long-term business success. Customers now expect to see businesses advertising across multiple mediums and platforms. Many companies know they need to advertise online, but don't have the time or expertise to get started. Ignoring online marketing will result in loss of business to outside competitors and decreased market share.

Introducing Trost Digital Strategies

Trost Digital Strategies (TDS) is the perfect compliment to your PerfectVision Marketing Mix. TDS takes high level geographic and demographic targeting online putting you in front of potential customers in your area. Imagine enhancing all of your current marketing with an online presence on web pages they frequent daily. Pages like:

Trost Digital Strategies

In addition to website targeting, TDS overlays demographic criteria just like our direct mail campaigns and we target your digital message to the zip code carrier route level. It's the perfect compliment to your direct mail campaign and we even include Ad Retargeting that allows you to focus on customers that have recently visited your website. This means your online ad will follow them around the web.

"Demographic, Geographic and Behavioral Targeting."

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